True XOXO Blog Hop!


Please do join us in our blog hop.  All you need to do is visit each of our individual blog and post a comment.  You can start visiting XOXO’s blog  hereTo make the hop more exciting,  we,  lipstick chicks, challenged one another to create a layout especially for this.  

If you just came from Cheryl’s, she challenged me to create a layout with tattoo on my mind.  She meant thick outlines…with anchors, shallows, barbed wire…get the picture? Really a challlenge huh?!?  Knowing my style, I was really dumbfounded.  But when I rummaged through my stuff, I saw the old PRIMA paintables (remember them?) and *ting* it just hits me!  I painted the Prima paintables with Twinkling H2O by LuminArte (loved the glitter and gloss in them), cut the images and outlined them with my black pen.  Tadaa…


Very tattoo-ish but with my usual romantic, feminine and shabby chic-ness, right?

Winner of the blog hop will be our December GDT for True XOXO. Please make sure you visit the blogs of these fab ladies and post a comment on each: 

 From True XOXO, hop to:
1. Alaina Erickson: 
2. Ana Oxendale-White:
3. Cheryl Whittaker Levy:
4.  Ems Fronda:  —-YOU’RE HERE!
5.  Faye Perata:
6.  Jaclyn Kline Torres :
7.  Khristen Foss:
8.  Kimmy Jaster:
9.  Linda Lovell Harper:
10.  Marie Otake (GDT):
11.   Lindsey Krauss:
12.  Lisa Murphy Watson:
13.  Michelle Hernandez:
Then go back to to let us know you’re done!  *Please do go back to each blog if they have not posted the blog hop as of this time*

Increase your chance to be a GDT by taking any of the  challenges we posted for one another.  Common on, it’ll be doubly exciting, I tell you!    Would love to hear from you and read your comments here.

Now,  please  visit my co-DT  Faye  and know what I asked her to do and see how she has taken  my challenge for this blog hop.

Winners will be announced by October 23 EST! So be sure to go back to the blogs with prizes given away especially True XOXO, of course!

Thanks so much for playing along!


About emsfronda

A loving wife (right, tart?). A working mom of 2. An only daughter. A big sister to 2 handsome boys. A corporate slave to a financial giant. A loyal and sweet friend to many. A continuous work-in-progress citizen and child of God. and... A self-confessed scrapbook addict!

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  1. I honestly don’t know how you made tattoos and BEAUTIFUL romantic go together in the same sentence– let alone layout!! You made this so elegant and sweet. LOVE those colors, especially the bold red! 🙂

  2. Okay….I LOVE how this turned out! I am now totally inspired to use some of my Prima Paintables! I really love the bright red on this one, too!

  3. I think this is my favorite page from the hop- it’s so vibrant and cheerful and utterly fabulous! LOVE that you painted the roses- wish I had some old Prima because it’s killing me on this page! You guys look like the happiest couple ever!!

  4. Hi Emma,

    honestly, your reaction to my challenge made me feel bad for having given it to you – but you have ROCKED it and are clearly a super creative woman for having adapted so quickly to rise to the challenge! I love the way you looked to the Prima paintables to achieve the tattoo look because they rock! I love it so much!

    Cheryl x

  5. you really took the tatoo and made it your own. I think most people would have gone dark and grungy, but you got it to work for your style- amazing!

  6. I am a friend of Lisa’s and she said we had to come over and check out the truly amazing stuff you guys have done! All I can say is WOW WOW WOW! When I read what you had beenc hallenged to do I cringed! I couldn’t imagine it! But look at waht you ahve done! IT’s gorgeous and original and GENIUS! WOW!

  7. Wow, this is really an awesome take on your challenge, I especially LOVE the little angel at the top of the layout, as well as the background paper behind the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I gotta tell ya, I think I would have been stuck to a halting STOP if I had gotten this challenge. It would have terrified me! You, however, went above and beyond and made it look soooo easy!! Nicely done!


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