Monthly Archives: March 2012

Hello There Sunshine!


Yes, summer is definitely here!  I can feel the heat and I’m lovin’ it (just because I’m always confined in our new office building with full blast airconditioning, that is! –teehee!).   Seriously, we’re lining up activities, out of town trips and get-togethers for summer, everybody’s excited!  We can’t wait!

Speaking of sunshine, here’s my little girl giving us sunshine everyday even when clouds are gray (sounds familiar, huh?)…


Alexa, you’re truly adorable! 

This layout is also my take on this month’s challenge over at TRUE XOXO!  The challenge is to take inspiration from the source of all kinds of inspiration — PINTEREST . Please check the cool layouts of the girls in our new home.  You have until the end of March to submit your entries to have a chance to be one of our GDTs.  Hope you can join us!