Monthly Archives: March 2011

I’m an Old Soul…



Nope, I don’t mean that I’m a soul reincarnated several times over having lived various lives on Earth…nor someone who exhibits knowledge, wisdom and understanding beyond my age and not generally attributable to ones life experience (wish I were though).

I just meant that I feel like one because I’m always interested in history…I love standard music, oh how I swoon over Nat King Cole’s and Frank Sinatra’s…I’ve always been fascinated with antiques and old architecture…love to watch period films too…and I can go on and on with my love of everything’s old and interesting!

To record this interest, here’s my take on this month’s XOXO challenge:


You have until  April 5 to scraplift this or any of the lipstick chicks’ creation you can find here.   A fabulous kit from Candy Shoppe Designs is in store for you!