There was an exciting challenge that happened in our local scrapbook group weeks ago that was so stressful but super fun ;o)  It was a chain-scraplift (or round robin as others would call it) wherein scrapbookers would group together and decide on the sequence or order of each scrapper.  A  lay-out will be passed to a person which she would scaplift.   Each scrapper is given, at most, 3-days to finish the lay-out.  After she’s done, she would pass her finished lay-out (passing of  the original layout is a no-no)  to the next in line.   It was doubly stressful and fun because we were divided into 2 groups (of 15 ladies each), whoever finishes first would win!  I was the 13th (lucky number, yeah!)  and got to scraplift the page done by no other than the “master” (as we fondly call her), the Iris Babao-Uy

This was my finished layout, using my friend’s (Arlene’s) photos with her 3rd child.


Materials Used:  Crate paper, K& Co and WeRM keepers.

To make it easy for me and finish faster that my usual pace, I just copy the entire look of Iris’ page—placement of the papers and most of the embellishments.  You can see her take here.

We were leading  but the other group was so aggressive and competitive (as in, finishing their page in the wee hours), they were able to catch up and win by just a few hours!   Boo-hoo!  Anyways, it was still fun and fulfilling!  Can’t wait to have another round!


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