Bags of Love


Christmas is just around the corner and as early as now, we have to plan ahead especially in our gift giving.   Start with the list of the lucky people you want to give gifts to.  Then, decide on the budget per person or per family.  Scout around for the perfect gift as early as now.  Of course, it would be doubly special and perfect if it’s well thought of and prepared  ahead of time, wouldn’t you agree? 

I’d say, “personalized” is the way to go!   Surfing the net one day led me to this awesome site…

They make perfect gifts that would last a lifetime.  A memorable and fun way to remind the receiver of the people they love.  Look at these…and drool…

From cute and beautiful purse…

…to blankets and pillows filled with their fab photos!

Here are perfect gifts for her…

and for him…

…including stuff for your favorite nephew or godchild!

Can’t think of the perfect anniversary gift for your spouse?  Bags of Love has thought of that too!  Check this out…


Everything’s perfect for our own pleasure too.  From bags, to photobooks…from photobox to puzzles…to a canvass print of our favorite photo even.  More precious than a Picasso, right? (…and they’re on sale too!)

Endless possibilities you never dared imagine but they did!

Bags of Love is based in UK but they ship all over the world.  So, what are you waiting for? Order now!

Don’t be caught with the Christmas rush.

About emsfronda

A loving wife (right, tart?). A working mom of 2. An only daughter. A big sister to 2 handsome boys. A corporate slave to a financial giant. A loyal and sweet friend to many. A continuous work-in-progress citizen and child of God. and... A self-confessed scrapbook addict!

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