Week 36: Joanne’s in town!


Our Australia-based friend, Joanne, is back in town for a month long vacation. But we can’t wait to see her so within 24-hours from her arrival, we met and had a grand time with the rest of the gang! It was such a good night filled with good food and good laugh…yes, everything good!

Thanks to this warm-hearted soul, I was able to unearth my creative me. It was her insistence and encouragement that I got into scrapbooking in 2003. I was reluctant at first, but it just took a couple of pushes and shoves and I got hooked with this hobby, all line and sinker.

Revealing some of the pages from my first decent scrapbook album made 7 years ago…


One of my first pages in 2003!


Back in year 2003-2004, a 2-page layout was the way to go!

After this, as the say, is history…now working towards my 500th page (and I’m a slow scrapper at that!)

Thanks again my dear friend Joanini, looking forward to more decades of friendship!


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