Week 31-34: Produce from Adobo Day!


I’m so lax in blogging I now can’t remember what happened with my life on weeks 31 to 34 (must do for my Project 52). Blame it on FB, yes? YES! So instead of wracking my tired brains or creatively blogging about it, I’ll just share these un-posted layouts I made using mostly Prima and Buzz & Bloom stuff…


My eldest during her 8th birthday party in 2007. She’s a lot taller now, geesh, I’m getting old!


My youngest princess, Alexa, who was so curious with the Christmas tree decors and lights she can’t stop herself from staring and touching them!


Alexa, playing with her stroller umbrella. Luuuvv this page! Got the over-all feel of this layout from Pia‘s.

Thanks to my pretty amigas, Iris and Bjay, DT members of Prima and Buzz&Bloom, respectively. They brought and shared scrapbook goodies during our annual ADOBO cum scrap day held last June. One of the perks of having uber talented and generous scrap buddies, we get to play with the products they are working with for free! God bless them more!

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