Week 10: The Tooth Fairy


As I shared in my last post, Alexa fell down flat on her face last Wednesday, March 10.  She was excited to see her playmate-neighbor-boy friend, Ian for their regular late afternoon play when it happened.  She was not running but just treading normally out of our gate (as recounted by my yaya) but I guess accident really happens.   Her gums profusely bled because one of her two front teeth was pushed up her gums and the other one was slightly moved forward and was mobile (moving) .  

Hubby rushed her the next day to a pedia dentist (Alexa’s first visit really) and her teeth were x-rayed twice.  She recommended that we extract the tooth that was pushed up and leave the other  as it is.  Just as I feared,  extraction would mean sedation or Alexa being tied up like a pig.   I don’t know which is the lesser evil…waaahhh.  We needed a 2nd opinion so we went to a recommended dentist aptly named The Tooth Fairy.  He (yes, our tooth fairy is a he) told us that the x-rays done to the teeth were not clear.   He can’t see where the permanent teeth are (apparently, toddlers already have permanent teeth way inside the gums) that we have to have the panoramic x-ray (which would have been better because Alexa wouldn’t have been traumatized with opening her mouth and the nudging of the films done to her during the normal x-ray).  The problem is, Alexa was already exposed to the radiation so we cannot do it immediately.  Good thing the procedure, whether extraction or otherwise is not urgent since the inflammation of the gums is not that bad. 

My poor baby won’t drink her milk and had fever for 5 days.   And now she seems to hate the tooth fairy because  of the  x-ray trauma.    It would have been better if we visited  the tooth fairy first because he  tried to coax and play with her , showing all the gadgets  before opening her mouth.  But to no avail, Alexa just kept on crying while hugging her Dad.  Waaahhh…

Digital Credits: from Shabby Princess-Holiday Recipe, Festival & Sun Porch Collections


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