What a fest!



I'd like to congratulate Scrappinmoms for another successful event last Saturday!   This is the main event in our scrappinworld, our local Scrapfest...in its 7th season!  Wow! 


Aside from shopping from all the local suppliers, one of the major activities in every scrapfest is the 1 hour on-the-spot challenge.  The 2 times I've joined, I won the supplier's awards but never the major ones. This time, I got so lucky I won the first place!  Yahoo! 


Here's my take on the challenge that required us to bring pictures of ourselves.  The following mechanics were just announced few minutes before the challenge began:

  • use 3 pictures of yourself (one must be a solo picture);
  • use all the materials in the kit provided (whatever percentage is ok), except for the cardstock and mini envelope;
  • you can add papers and/or embellishments of your own;
  • Must have the word "speak" in your title;
  • Must attach proof of purchase from 2 supplers;
  • Must finish in 2 hours (thank God this time it's longer!).




Don't Speak_Sfest7

Note:  The 3 patterned papers (mostly in the hues of green with  little touch of white, brown and blue) inside the kit didn't match my photos at all.  So I decided to roll the papers to be able to use them without clashing with the photos.   I didn't bring any papers so I have to rush to the suppliers and look for red/black papers or CS, thanks to Dinah for giving me her black CS, Helen in finding a red CS last minute and Isabel's manang for letting me dive in their boxes of papers and letting me pay afterwards hehehe.  Thankfully, most of the embellishments were in black and white.  Just added the flowers, AC thickers (for "DON'T") & stickles from my stash.


Here are the prizes I got from Scrapbooks Hawaii, My Little Attic and Studio Azul (thank you very much)!  So yummy!:


Scrapfest7 prizes


It was also the finals of the Idol Challenge  and my bestfriend, Bjay, was one of the top 10 finalists!  What do you know?  She's now the 3rd Idol ultimate winner!  I nearly had a heart attack while the announcement was being made...I think it took 30 minutes of suspense! Grabe!  


I don’t know what luck we have lately that we are both winning! Must  be good karma!  God is really good! 


So Scrappinmoms, hope you never tire in doing this! I know it’s hard but we know you love the craft and the crafters like us ;o)


About emsfronda

A loving wife (right, tart?). A working mom of 2. An only daughter. A big sister to 2 handsome boys. A corporate slave to a financial giant. A loyal and sweet friend to many. A continuous work-in-progress citizen and child of God. and... A self-confessed scrapbook addict!

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  1. congrats on winning with that layout! lovely layout..no doubt 🙂
    and those raks are just yummylicious!! wooohooo

  2. woohoo! congrats to you, my sistah from another momma!

    yours is a much-deserved win. eyeball pa lang, I knew it na 😉

    woohoo ulet!

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