We scrapbook…


…because we want our precious moments  recorded!  And I’m so glad to be part of this new scrapbook challenge blog  based in Singapore aptly named, Moments Recorded!    I’m one of the privileged  members of their pioneer Design Team (yahoo!).   So grateful for the blog’s owner, Dorcas, and co-owner, Sophia,  for believing in me.    I’m so honored to work with 5 other amazing and talented ladies in the team.  These girls rock, you should check out their personal blogs too!


Watch out for the reveal of the August challenges.  They have 2 each month.  Hope you join in the fun!  They’re generous and give out RAK for the monthly winners!

About emsfronda

A loving wife (right, tart?). A working mom of 2. An only daughter. A big sister to 2 handsome boys. A corporate slave to a financial giant. A loyal and sweet friend to many. A continuous work-in-progress citizen and child of God. and... A self-confessed scrapbook addict!

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  1. Grabe Ems, you’re going places na talaga!!!hey hope yung TV destiny mo eh, matuloy na….share share next week. at pwde ba, matuloy na ang ating physical activity with mama mye….

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