Supermodel Material?!?



Flashback from 2006….


I was so giddy happy when someone from Smart Parenting called to tell me that Gaby was chosen to be included in the photo shoot of one of their featured articles.   It was a first-time for the both of us (Gaby as the model and I, as the stagemom…hehehe)! 


I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw my good friends, Mia with daughter Nadine & Ria with son Luis,  in the studio. Talk about coincidence!  These kids were all called to do the photo shoot.    Yipee, it was like a playdate for us and I was sure it’ll be easy to supervise and cajole them to cooperate.   Boy, was I wrong!  Gaby was ok  shooting the first scene which was finished for an hour or so.  After this, all hell broke loose (oh well, for Gaby, that is).  I think it took a toll on her (and hirap kaya mag-pose ng paulit-ulit) and she refused to join the rest of the scenes.  She threw a major tantrum and cried uncontrollably.  She never had  one  and I was clueless on what to do.  Hay!  My poor baby.  She’s NOT ready yet for the limelight,  I guess…me too! (haha). 


Nevertheless, I’m so proud of my Gaby (stage-mom pa rin noh!).




Here’s the lay-out (yeah, I know, it took me forever to make this) of that one-time (never again?) modeling stint:






P.S. Before the shooting began, KC Concepcion was being made-up in the dressing room for the cover shoot of either Marie Claire or Preview.  She was sweet and really pretty.  Wished we had guts to have a photo-op with her (jologs!).  But on the second thought, buti na lang hindi,  I’m sure they (her foreign photographer and her staff, that is) were bothered when Gaby started her tantrum.  Their studio room was just a curtain away from ours.


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  1. Gosh! I can still remember this! Hahaha! Na traumatize ba si Gaby? Wawa naman! Good for you for scrapping na these photos! I haven’t done mine. Hehehe! Soon, soon! 😀

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